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Chumingo point is a game in which our lessons are based. Searching for different ways of improving students speaking skills, I found a strategy called Chungopoint method which, in my opinion, is a really interesting and useful tool for teachers. Unfortunately, it was originally thought for speaking activities only and I needed something to use in every lesson. As a result, I made my own version of it, changing some of the rules to make it more suitable for my students and me. And this is what we called Chumingo points.

This game consists in two different types of cards; one is called Take a Chumingo, and the other, Joker. Each time a student speaks in Spanish receives a Chumingo point, as a kind of punishment but always having the possibility of getting rid of it at any time; either if other student speaks Spanish or making use of a Joker.

Students have a Joker card each six Chumingo cards and they can make use of a Joker card by answering correct ... Leer más »

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Some days ago I read something very interesting about the fear of failure and generally we tend to forget that there is no such thing as failure. What we have to do is to pay attention on the things that didn´t work in order to learn and I totally agree with it. But what happened with those who instead of focusing on the error to progress, they just avoid it loosing interest in the issue...

This can occur not only with learners but with professionals too, who feel so good with their self-image and status that are completely closed to new things, and mistakes are not allowed to happen. Especially teachers have to be careful with this because while being so concerned about students’ mistake, they might forget about new opportunities to gain knowledge.

On the other hand it seems that teachers need to be at the cutting edge of technology and to know how integrate new devices in class to make the lessons funnier and interes ... Leer más »

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Every year my students and I suffer the pressure of the exam period. And if I feel like a victim during this time, I imagine how the students might feel and also parents. However, this is a necessary time, or not?                                              

Working with an institution which standardizes the final exam and the four tests we have during the year, makes the writing examination crucial to get the beloved certificate so I truly work with confidence, relaying on their professionalism and years of expertise.

Theoretically it should be a time to enjoy as it is the last step to reach our aim, but it doesn´t happen at all. It doesn´t matter the effort, it´s an incredible hard time. Specially, in oc ... Leer más »

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Another end of year and this is a good time to reflect on what we have done during all this period. Personally, I have already improved in some aspects, however in some others I should continue working on. The feeling of being able to have done it better still persists. Maybe, this is just the chronic disease I suffer year after year.

I spent the whole year concerned about the concepts of digital natives and digital immigrants to discover that such a difference does not exist at all. Nobody is born digital. Being lucky enough to be in touch with computers since I remember, I have done plenty of courses, and after some time of observation, now I can affirm that the supposed digital natives just learn by clicking here and there without fundaments. When the DOS system appeared it was essential to know which and how to use the different commands, but now with the Windows system everything changed and the fear of making mistakes disappeared. So in my opinion, it is j ... Leer más »

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Hardly could I imagine the possibility of being replaced by a computer software; I definitely still believe teachers are ´the key´ as our well known Brown affirmed some years ago. Therefore, students evaluate their learning in a positive or negative way and this appraisal concerns especially to educators because students associate what is been taught with their own perception of the teacher.

Sometimes relaxation or pleasure is not associated with learning but rather linked with methods that produce anxiousness and worries. In the very beginning of the learning process young learners exhibit a natural curiosity to explore the world. Unfortunately, it frequently seems to disappear through their learning experience simply because previous bad experiences have raised inhibitions and fears.

Even though learning can occur in spite of boring lessons, giving students the opportunity to enjoy and get pleasure from what they are learning ... Leer más »

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There´s something that really blows my mind... each time I think about it, and it´s how internet and technology can change learning, improving motivation.
Loads of information all gathered and shared, fast and handy by a click gives a feeling of endless and it is so challenging that I started a website and later this blog, just to be part of it. By this, I´d like to share my views, thoughts and interests so, whoever is reading this feel free to comment, please. 

I´m really focus on students motivation as well as selfconfidence and I´ll write mainly concerning these issues; even when I know I´ll never find the perfect method, the search should continue since there´s likely as many different methods as students.

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