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Exam period: aaaaaaargh!

Every year my students and I suffer the pressure of the exam period. And if I feel like a victim during this time, I imagine how the students might feel and also parents. However, this is a necessary time, or not?                                              

Working with an institution which standardizes the final exam and the four tests we have during the year, makes the writing examination crucial to get the beloved certificate so I truly work with confidence, relaying on their professionalism and years of expertise.

Theoretically it should be a time to enjoy as it is the last step to reach our aim, but it doesn´t happen at all. It doesn´t matter the effort, it´s an incredible hard time. Specially, in occasions where not every student gets the acceptable grading pass mark.

Year after year I have the same feeling of having students not prepared enough, even when all of them have passed the final exam so far. Maybe, teachers become stricter with the time or students academic level lower. Meanwhile, pressure could be the tool to lead them into the "right path” or even worse – stress.

Teachers should give learners their time to learn but waiting until a child "catches up" could be dangerous. I strongly believe everybody is unique and I am very careful with it, but what happens if this child really needs help. While we are just waiting, we are delaying their progress without the right and professional help. As a consequence, we might have kids with some kind of learning disorder without assistance and then how can we change the damage done and the time lost? 

How make parents understand teachers did a proper job, when children don´t succeed? I hate when I hear saying student is not mature enough. It sounds more like if there were not an answer for the failure.

Obviously, we need a change in our minds, and make it clear for teachers first and then students and parents, that an examination is completely necessary because it gives us an idea about what we should know to that point; but it is not the end of the world in case we do not get a pass mark yet because learning is a process full of opportunities to enrich knowledge.  

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