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Teachers are of great significance

Hardly could I imagine the possibility of being replaced by a computer software; I definitely still believe teachers are ´the key´ as our well known Brown affirmed some years ago. Therefore, students evaluate their learning in a positive or negative way and this appraisal concerns especially to educators because students associate what is been taught with their own perception of the teacher.

Sometimes relaxation or pleasure is not associated with learning but rather linked with methods that produce anxiousness and worries. In the very beginning of the learning process young learners exhibit a natural curiosity to explore the world. Unfortunately, it frequently seems to disappear through their learning experience simply because previous bad experiences have raised inhibitions and fears.

Even though learning can occur in spite of boring lessons, giving students the opportunity to enjoy and get pleasure from what they are learning helps them to have a lifelong commitment with the target.

I have been already reflecting on the use of technology in class to take advantage of all its benefits. Here in Uruguay we have ´Plan Ceibal´. That means each student receives a laptop, in other words, one notebook per student. However, I couldn´t implement a solid syllabus in full yet and I am working on a pilot project with our own website.

As successful learning depends on a wide range of variables, especially motivation and, very closely to it is self-confidence, the teacher is the first who needs to be motivated while teaching. Being one of the most important aspects of learning, teachers can improve self-confidence in students and lead students´ motivation to accomplish a positive goal; considering their personality factors and context, and generating a proper learning environment.

Perhaps the most important point, however, is that there are not unmotivated students; maybe they can be motivated to do something else. As motivation changes and it is not static, teachers may be sure to include in their lessons different activities to create, generate and protect learners´ motivation. Another important consideration is that there are many different teacher´s practices to take into account.

Probably it is just a problem of values, the same ones that we have been taught. It is not necessary to appear on a lesson plan to be important. They should be part of every single activity in class. Reminding me what I read a few days ago

I would like to conclude with the following quote about teachers made also by Brown,

"Know yourself, your limitations, your strengths, your likes and dislikes, and then accept the fact that you are called upon to be many things to many different people”.

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