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Teaching: up-to-date or just traditional

Some days ago I read something very interesting about the fear of failure and generally we tend to forget that there is no such thing as failure. What we have to do is to pay attention on the things that didn´t work in order to learn and I totally agree with it. But what happened with those who instead of focusing on the error to progress, they just avoid it loosing interest in the issue...

This can occur not only with learners but with professionals too, who feel so good with their self-image and status that are completely closed to new things, and mistakes are not allowed to happen. Especially teachers have to be careful with this because while being so concerned about students’ mistake, they might forget about new opportunities to gain knowledge.

On the other hand it seems that teachers need to be at the cutting edge of technology and to know how integrate new devices in class to make the lessons funnier and interesting constantly. In fact, teachers gain certain authority while managing them over students. They also appear to be proficiency in these topics, only excused by adults who always say younger know more than them even without have tried to turn on a computer at least once. But after a while I realize that most learners were not so competent even in the use of simple e-mail applications or their functions at all.

Confused with the feeling of not being able to keep up with the times, I started to use all kind of motivating and useful tools, implementing a webpage, and racking my brains to make it more functional, just wondering not to fail on it; to discover that probably it is much better to disconnect students from all this social network and make them think in a critical way while comprehension happens through reading long pieces of texts; but always remembering that all extremes could be dangerous.

Knowing students are suffering serious consequences from the exposure to so much information and images at the same time, thus the necessity of writing fast and short messages, in many cases with an unconventional writing system. Classroom could be the only place where they can be in touch with traditional learning, which personally I don´t think it is sooo bad. From this point of view, being just traditional is no a terrible thing, but finding the equilibrium is the key. Just like within foam, we have to wait it goes down to see what is actually worthy and productive to be able to evaluate.

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